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Airbus lists initial weight variants for A330neo

Airbus documentation has detailed five initial weight variants for both the re-engined A330-900 and A330-800.

The airframer has released details in airport compatibility and planning tables covering the Rolls-Royce Trent 7000-powered jets.

Airbus has based the re-engined aircraft on the A330-200 and -300, with a number of aerodynamic modifications.

Over the lifetime of the A330 it has developed several weight variants, and formally lists 27 for the -200 and another 38 for the larger -300.

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Its data for the re-engined aircraft covers 10 variants – designated WV800 to WV804 for the -800 and WV900 to WV904 for the -900.

Both of these series have a range of maximum take-off weights from 230t to 242t, the documentation states.

Airbus also lists the typical two-class capacity of the -800 and -900 respectively at 257 and 310 seats, both 10 seats higher than their -200 and -300 counterparts.

Источник информации: Flight Global

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