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Mitsubishi still finalising new MRJ production schedule

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation stresses that it has not yet completed its revised production schedule for the MRJ regional jet following the latest design changes that have delayed delivery of the first aircraft to 2020.

Japanese newspaper The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that suppliers to the programme have been briefed that production in 2020 is being scaled back from a planned 10 aircraft per month to only one per month.

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It also claims that no aircraft are planned for production in 2018, with production recommencing in 2019, while no timeline has been put on when it will ramp up to the planned peak of 10.

Mitsubishi says that the report “is not based on our announcement”, but admits that the delivery delay disclosed in January, which was prompted by design changes to the avionics bay and wiring, “entails a change in the production schedule”.

As a result, the company says monthly production “will be low for the start-up period of manufacturing” before stepping up “in a phased manner”.

“As for the timing when the production rate will be 10 aircraft per month, currently, we are reviewing our production plan to reflect the design changes,” it adds.

“We will adjust and reflect as we move forward with the revised schedule to respond to our customer requirement and market demand.”

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that 233 MRJs have been ordered with options for 174 more. Four aircraft are presently involved in certification testing, which will continue while the manufacturer works through the redesign process.

The delay unveiled on 23 January is the fifth for the programme, which is running seven years behind its original schedule. That has seen its lead over the rival Embraer E2 programme reduce to just 12 months.

Источник информации: Flight Global

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