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Sriwijaya 737-300 in runway excursion at Manokwari (video)

A Boeing 737-300 aircraft operated by Indonesian carrierSriwijaya Air has suffered a runway excursion in West Papua province.

According to social media, the aircraft "overran at [Manokwari's] Rendani Airport," and "all crew and passengers are safe." The aircraft bears registration PK-CJC.

"The aircraft landed at 08:51 local time…at that point of time there was heavy rain, which led to aircraft overrunning the runway," a company spokesman is reported as telling local media.

He said 146 passengers were aboard the aircraft, which was operating flight SJ570 on the Sorong-Manokwari route. He gave no details about the crew.

Pesawat Sriwijaya Air Tergelincir di Manokwari (video)

Imagery from the scene shows the aircraft in a grassy area. All four emergency slides have been deployed, and the two over-wing emergency doors are open.

The images also show emergency response personal showering the aircraft with water, although no signs of fire are evident.

Rendani Airport has a single runway, 17/35, that is 2,000m long.

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Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that PK-CJC is of 1988 vintage. It served airlines in Europe and the Middle East prior to joining Sriwijaya's fleet in 2007. Until 2011 it was managed by lessor AWAS, with Sriwijaya purchasing the aircraft off lease in 2011.

Ukraine Aviation Portal

In addition to the PK-CJC overrun, social media shows that another Indonesian-registered aircraft suffered a runway excursion this morning.

A Beechcraft King Air 350 (PK-CAQ) is shown having exited the runway onto the grass at Ambon Pattimura Airport, possibly suffering a nose wheel collapse. Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the aircraft is a flight calibration aircraft operated by the Indonesian transport ministry.

Источник информации: Flight Global

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