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The latest news from ACIs World Business Partners

Colourful new look for Cancun stores

The Design Solution has created a bespoke design for the 2,450sqm of  retail outlets operated by Dufry in Cancún International Airports newly opened Terminal 4.

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The facilities include approximately 1,900sqm of space dedicated to Dufrys innovative New Generation store, which it says features extensive and innovative use of digital applications in order to increase passenger communication and drive sales.

The Cancun store designs are strongly focused on a mixture of key elements of local culture, particularly on the heritage and craftsmanship of the Mayans, the vibrant local markets, pulsating nightlife and the natural beauty of the coastline, says The Design Solutions director, Nick Taylor.

These local themes are blended with a strong focus on leading-edge digital technology, including large-scale digital screens that not only enhance customisation but can also be used to consolidate the local spirit of the spaces.

Its crucial that the design adopts local themes with sincerity and respect. Modern travellers are not fools, they instinctively know when theyre encountering simplistic touristic clichés and theyre eager to discover an authentic local experience that resonates.

By engaging them in authentic local storytelling we can use design to create great retail experiences that influence their shopping behaviour, drive revenue and enhance the whole airport experience. 

Future bright at Greeces regional airports

ADB SAFEGATE has been selected as the long-term airfield ground lighting (AGL) service partner for Fraport Greeces 14 regional  Greek airports.

It has signed a 2+1 year Service Level Agreement (SLA) for AGL maintenance supervision that started with an audit to register all assets at all airports.

The audit was GPS enabled including video and image capturing of each asset, electronic measurement of the performance of the asset and functional evaluation of the control system.

This, says Fraport Greeces general maintenance contractor, Redex, has led to the creation of an asset database for the airports with a detailed measurement of the quality of each gateways AGL.

Our partnership with ADB SAFEGATE was focused on a win-win partnership, says, Alexandros Alivizatos, general manager at Redex.

With ADB SAFEGATE providing the AGL expertise it allowed us to deploy resources in the most efficient way. The AGL maintenance team and general maintenance teams can work in a concerted manner leading to better resource planning and cost reduction for the end customer.

ADB SAFEGATE CEO, Christian Onselaere, says: Our global service experience and local knowledge have allowed us to set up a model together with our partner Redex that makes best use of our competences. 

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