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Copenhagen Airport will welcome its third new Chinese route this year when Sichuan Airlines launches direct fliights between Chengdu and Denmark's capital city on December 10.

Copenhagen to welcome its third new Chinese route this year

The new twice weekly service between Copenhagen and the panda capital of the world follows the launch of flights to Beijing (Air China) and Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) earlier this year.
"I think we should be proud of our success in attracting three new routes off the back of the China-Denmark Tourism Year of 2017,″ says Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Rasmus Jarlov. 

"China is an important market for Denmark not just in terms of trade, but also in terms of tourism, where I see huge potential.
"Currently, only a small proportion of Chinese travel to Europe, but as the country's middle class grows, we can expect far more Chinese tourists to the Nordic region.
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"It's also therefore extremely positive that we can now offer the Chinese the option to travel from a number of places in China. Our hard work in the tourism year has borne fruit."
Copenhagen Airport is also delighted to welcome yet another Chinese airline, CEO, Thomas Woldbye, stating: "Sichuan Airlines really opens up the door to the whole of Southwest China, where prosperity has grown considerably in recent decades.

"The metropolis of Chengdu alone is home to 14 million people, so we expect the new route to be of major benefit for both tourism and trade."
Woldbye notes that the China-Denmark Tourism Year of 2017 has shown that Denmark is an interesting destination for Chinese travellers.

"But it requires good direct flight connections, like the new route to Chengdu, if the potential is to be realised," he comments.
"At Copenhagen Airport, we've worked hard in recent years to expand the number of intercontinental routes – and now we can harvest the fruits of that labour."
The new route to Chengdu will significantly increase the contribution of aviation to the Danish economy.
"Every time Denmark gets better connected with new markets, our trade increases and our economy is strengthened," says Woldbye.

"The contribution of aviation to Danish GDP is high and steadily rising, and it's estimated that this route will increase Danish GDP by around DKK175 million a year going forward."
Between 2005 and 2015, traffic to and from Copenhagen Airport contributed DKK31 billion to the Danish economy.

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