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Dublin Airport has opened a new €16 million facility designed specifically for transfer passengers.

According to the gateway, the new transfer area adjacent to Pier 4 close to Terminal 2, will greatly enhance its ability to compete for transfer traffic between Europe and North America.

It is also quick to point out that it will improve the quality of the product available for transferring passengers.

New transfer facility opens at Dublin Airport

Airport managing director, Vincent Harrison, reveals that the new building has the capacity to welcome four times as many connecting passengers than currently being handled today.

“We have been growing Dublin Airport as a connecting gateway between Europe and North America steadily over the past five years and this new transfer facility will help us to further expand that business," he enthuses.

The number of passengers transferring at Dublin Airport has increased from 550,000 in 2013 to almost 1.6 million passengers last year, and connecting passenger numbers are up a further 17% this year.

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Dublin busy

“Growing this part of our business is hugely important in helping us to expand our route network at Dublin Airport, as these additional transfer passengers underpin the viability of a route and also encourage airlines to launch new services and add capacity on existing routes,” adds Harrison.

The new three-story facility comprises airline information desks, boarding card checkpoints, immigration and customs facilities for transfer passengers to complete a one-stop flight connection process within Pier 4. 

It also accommodates an additional access route for passengers bussed from other areas of the airport.  

Completed in 14 months, the project was delivered by Flynn Management & Contractors based in Glasnevin, and is part of Dublin Airport’s €100 million plus investment programme this year. 

The increase in transfer capacity allows Dublin Airport to expand its transfer offering further and it significantly enhances the overall passenger experience for customers who chose to connect at Dublin with a more efficient passenger journey and quicker connection times.

Designed to allow natural light flow through the building, the new transfer facility will soon feature an art installation inspired by the song 40 Shades of Green, which was written by Johnny Cash while on a trip to Ireland. 

This installation will form part of the airport’s ongoing Sense of Place project, which aims to provide passengers with a sense of Ireland’s culture and history while at the airport.

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