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Munich Airport has partnered with B2B ground transportation business and Booking.com subsidiary, Rentalcars Connect, to "enhance its customers’ travel experience and boost ancillary revenue".

By integrating Rentalcars Connect’s white-label platform, Munich Airport can now offer car rentals directly through its website by connecting customers to rental options from the world’s leading car hire providers.

Munich Airport to partner with B2B ground transportation business

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It believes that the move ensures "frictionless travel" for passengers as it removes the need for visitors to book vehicles directly with the suppliers.

Munich Airport is quick to note that it is one of the largest car rental hubs in the world and claims that its partnership with Rentalcars Connect can only enhance its appeal to visitors and boost the gateway's non-aeronautical related revenues.

The airport's manager for portfolio development, Nathalie Léonard, enthuses: “With the growing demand for direct car rental bookings, forging a partnership with Rentalcars Connect was the next logical step for us, and will play a vital role in improving the customer journey – something which we continuously strive to do."

While Rentalcars Connect's managing director, Fraser Ellacott, says: “More and more organisations are harnessing third-party expertise to create a hassle-free and memorableexperience for customers. 

"Munich Airport is anticipating the demand for a seamless service, and it’s great to see that it is actively seeking new ways to enhance and provide customers with a truly end-to-end travel package, while also benefitting from another lucrative and dedicated revenue stream.” 

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