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From now on GSA (General Sales Agent) are selling tickets for LOT flights on various markets, e.g. on the Philippines, in Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. The sales of LOT tickets on these markets will strengthen transit air traffic on regular LOT connections via hub in Warsaw and also build the recognition of the Poland’s flag carrier around the world 

LOT strengthens its sales structure both in its regions and on so-called offline markets, that is places where LOT has not provided direct flights so far. From now on, GSA (General Sales Agents) are selling tickets for LOT connections, i.e for flights to/from Singapore in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand (including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Wellington), on the Philippines, in Thailand, and Vietnam. LOT sees  the big  picture  in boosting sales overseas. This way for instance from Australia through Singapore to Europe the flag carrier of Poland would like to encourage, among others, a large Polish community living in Australia, whereas in Malaysia and on the Philippines it puts an emphasis on the marine traffic and pilgrims heading towards Cracow.

LOT tickets are being distributed by participating in the international BSP system (Billing and Settlement Plan IATA) which allows LOT to carry out sales in completely new regions, such as Iceland, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Jordan, Serbia, Kenya, Senegal, and Kuwait. BSP associates licensed IATA sales agents and airline carriers with BSP operations carried in some 180 countries and territories all around the world. The number of authorised IATA agents selling LOT tickets on dedicated markets ranges from several dozen to as many as several thousand of authorised IATA agents.

Ultimately, Poland’s flag carrier plans to develop sales structures also in South America, among others in Panama, Mexico, and Colombia, which will allow to build the transfer traffic to and from the airport in Miami to which LOT will start flying on 1 June this year.

чашка, принт May there  always  be sky"Even if we do not provide multiple connections on our own, thanks to the constantly developing network we are able to provide passengers travelling from the most distant regions of the world with a beneficial offer of travel to Poland, CEE, and Western Europe, where flights will be carried out partly by LOT aircraft. There is a reason we have decided to launch the connection to Singapore and Miami, which are one the largest transit ports in the region. Thanks to building our sales structures, we are strengthening the transit traffic through the hub in Warsaw and building the recognition of LOT. This will facilitate our further development of connections around the world in the future” – says Anna Staszewska, Director of the LOT Sales Office.

Sales on offline markets through ports such as Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and Miami or New Delhi is possible thanks to cooperation with the partner airlines. LOT established code-share agreements or SPA (straight prorate agreement) with multiple carriers all over the world (e.g. JetStar, Singapore Airlines, Quantas, Air India, and ANA), which for passengers travelling from Poland and Europe, and also for passengers travelling to Europe means that they will be able to travel as part of one booking and one airline ticket.

The strengthening of sales from a dozen of new markets in the world falls within the strategy of profitable growth which has been implemented by LOT since the beginning of 2016, with the majority of its assumptions having been successfully fulfilled before time. LOT constantly develops its fleet. In December, the carrier received new planes: Boeing 737 MAX 8 and four Embraers 190 (the carrier has 34 Embraers of four types in its fleet). This year we'll receive nine B737 MAX, the number of which will increase to 14 by the end of this year. By the end of 2019, the fleet will be extended by four subsequent B787 Dreamliners, which will increase their number in the LOT fleet to 15.

Last year, LOT transported a record-breaking 8.8 million passengers, i.e. 2 mln more than the year before. This year, it plans to exceed the threshold of 10 million passengers. Today, LOT uses 80 modern planes every day. The carrier offers over 100 scheduled flights on three continents.

Tickets for LOT flight connections in a dozen new countries in the world can be purchased at lot.com, LOT Contact Center, LOT Travel Offices, and from agents.

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