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Cracow, 18 September 2019 – Direct flight to New York (JFK) and increasing the number of flights to Chicago. In the summer season, LOT Polish Airlines will have a more extensive offer regarding flights from Kraków Airport to the USA. Therefore, the residents of Cracow and of the entire region will be able to travel on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner of the Polish carrier and comfortably reach two major US airports. 

Футболка, коллаж из жизни авиаторов, UA North America has a special role in the development strategy of LOT Polish Airlines. The Polish carrier continuously develops its offer and today offers direct flights on board Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the USA from the following cities: Warsaw (to the airports in New York [JFK, EWR], Chicago [ORD], Los Angeles [LAX] and Miami [MIA]), Budapest (to the airports in New York [JFK] and Chicago [ORD]), Rzeszów (to the airport in New York [EWR]), and Cracow. LOT has just decided to boost its offer from the Cracow Airport. 
- Małopolska is one of the most rapidly growing regions in Poland, which attracts not only tourists, but also more and more people travelling for business purposes. Thanks to its good cooperation with the Kraków Airport, LOT constantly develops its offer there. Following the success of our direct flights from Cracow to Chicago, Budapest, Bucharest, and Dubrovnik, together with domestic flights to Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Olsztyn which enjoy a continued popularity, we believe that increasing the frequency of flights to Chicago and launching a new direct connection to New York will be a success – says Rafał Milczarski, President of the Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines.

The new flights from Kraków Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York will begin on 3rd May 2020 and will be operated once a week according to the following schedule:
  • LO 019 KRK-JFK 18:45-22:30 Sunday
  • LO 020 JFK-KRK 00:15-14:50 Sunday
LOT's offer regarding flights from the capital city of the Małopolska region to Chicago will also be extended. From today's three scheduled connections per week, the number of flights will increase to five flights per week. From the beginning of the next summer season, they will take place according to the following schedule:
  • LO 009 KRK-ORD 12:20-15:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • LO 010 ORD-KRK 17:25-09:35+1 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
- I am convinced that the Polish communities abroad, business passengers, and tourists visiting both Poland and the United States will enjoy not only the hospitality of our crews and comfortable Boeing 787 Dreamliners, but also the continuously improved on-board offer – adds Rafał Milczarski.

In addition to the recently announced new connections to the USA, the offer of LOT Polish Airlines for the Cracow airport also includes direct flights to Budapest (six flights a week), Dubrovnik (one flight a week) Bucharest, (three times a week), and as many as three domestic connections. LOT offers seven flights a day to Warsaw, one flight a day to Gdańsk, and two flights a week from Kraków Airport to Olsztyn-Mazury airport.

- We are pleased with the LOT's new connection between Cracow and New York as this route has been long awaited by our passengers. New York is a multicultural city, full of artistic life, and is in many ways similar to Cracow. The new connection is an opportunity for our region to develop business and tourism relations – says Radosław Włoszek, President of the Management Board of Kraków Airport.

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