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Healthy yearly upturn in traffic at Moscow SheremetyevoФутболка, коллаж из жизни авиаторов, UA

Moscow Sheremetyevo handled 33.8 million passengers in the first eight months of the 2019 –a healthy 13% rise on the corresponding period a year ago.

The Russian gateway has one of the best on-time performance records in the world and claims that this was maintained in August with 93.8% of flights departing on time, according to Flightstats.

The year to date upturn in traffic has been driven by a 10% increase in international passengers and 16.5% rise in domestic travellers, which accounted for 18 million and 15.8 million passengers respectively.

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Moscow Sheremetyevo reveals that its most popular international destinations from January to August were Antalya, Paris, Yerevan, Beijing, and Tel Aviv.

While the top domestic destinations in the first eight months of 2019 were St Petersburg, Simferopol, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, and Krasnodar.

In the eight months of 2019, the largest contributors to the increase in Sheremetyevo's passenger traffic were Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, and Air France.

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