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 To celebrate its 90th anniversary, LOT Polish Airlines prepared a new, refreshed formula of its Kaleidoscope on-board magazine published in cooperation with Burda Media Polska Sp. z o.o. The passengers will be able to enjoy more articles dealing with travels and culture, but also with issues related to environmental protection. The entire package will boast a new, more attractive graphical layout as well.

Kaleidoscope has been the on-board magazine of LOT Polish Airlines for 40 years now. It has been published, for nearly 10 years now, by Burda Media Polska Sp. z o.o. a publishing house whose portfolio includes the leading titles of the Polish market of travel and lifestyle magazines, such as, for instance: National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Elle or Gala.

The monthly magazine with the circulation of 35,000 copies is very well known to LOT passengers and to the guests visiting the airlines business lounges, where it is distributed free of charge. Each month, the teams of Burda and the Polish airline work hard to make sure that the magazines content is as diverse and as attractive as possible.

Each month, when choosing the topics for Kaleidoscope, we try to inspire our readers not only to travel to different destinations, but also attempt to present interesting personalities, as well as social, cultural or technological phenomena. We also intend to continue developing for you, and the 90th birthday of LOT - an airline with which we are co-creating the magazine - is a great opportunity to slightly modernize the graphical layout of the publication and to introduce some novelties. I do hope that the refreshed formula of the magazine will ensure that you will find our proposals interesting, says Agnieszka Franus, Editor-in-chief of Kaleidoscope, Burda Media Polska Sp. z o.o.

The well-known columns titled Inspirations, Journey of a Lifetime, Why?, Culture, Business and My Poland - that have always been appreciated by passengers - are now joined, from the September issue, by a new section titled Ecology.

Tickets [CPS] UA The world is changing, and LOT - being a modern airline and one of the most dynamically growing carriers in Central and Eastern Europe - is keeping up with the change. To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we have decided to change the paper on which our magazine is printed and to replace it - without any quality losses - with a more environmentally friendly equivalent. We are also introducing a new Ecology column and increasing the number of travel-related articles. Thats not all. In the LOT Info section, the passengers will find an improved map of our destinations. The graphical layout of the magazines individual sections has been refreshed as well, says Jakub Piotr Panek, Kaleidoscope Coordinator, LOT Polish Airlines.

Apart from vary favorable opinions expressed by the passengers, Kaleidoscope has also been recognized with a number of awards. These include, inter alia, the following: Award of the Polish Association of Scientific Journalists (2011), 1st place in the Agape Corproate Bulleting Contest (2015), Column of the Year (2017), Gold Medal - Power of Content Marketing Awards (2017), Main Prize Luxurious Brand of the Year (2018) and Main Price in the Optimistic Company Contest (2019).

The magazine is available on board of LOT Polish Airlines planes, at LOTs Polonez and Mazurek Business Lounges at the Chopin Airport, at LOTs Business Lounge in Budapest, and online, at: https://www.lot.com/pl/pl/magazyn-pokladowy-kaleidoscope.

Burda Media Polska publishes more than 46 magazines that available under the worlds largest brands, such as: Elle, Glamour, Gala, National Geographic, Focus, as well as under strong local brands, including: Claudia, Dobre Rady, Moje Gotowanie, Sielskie Życie or Przyślij Przepis. Its portfolio includes highly-profiled online products: elle.pl, glamour.pl, kobieta.pl, claudia.pl, przyslijprzepis,pl, ng.pl, focus.pl, crn.pl. Burda publishes also over 100 book titles that have been recognized with numerous awards for the numbers of copies sold at the Empik chain of stores. As far as the value of advertising-generated revenues and the reach are concerned, Burda is ranked among Polands top three publishers, reaching over 7.6 million readers (1-6.2019 PBC) and generating 13.2 million UU and 52 million PV (Google Analytics 08.2019).

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