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Expanding AOE launches new digital platform aimed at airlines

Digital solutions provider, AOE, has announced the launch of a new e-commerce model for airlines ahead of its planned acquisition of onboard sales and supply chain specialist SHIFTEO.

The agreement includes SHIFTEO’s In-flight ePOS, Supply Chain Management and Back Office for Catering Management solutions.

According to AOE, the enhanced capabilities of its new integrated platform enables airlines to seamlessly integrate and manage their revenue-driving operations with existing on-board sales operation for both travel retail and F&B.

The result, it says, is a powerful, self-managed, supplier-independent ecosystem combining stronger customer engagement with end-to-end delivery capabilities.

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AOE Aviation’s chief commercial officer, Michael Raasch, says: “AOE’s new platform provides airlines with powerful operational and competitive advantages that will drive new and stronger ancillary revenue opportunities.”

While Peter Coelho, co-founder of SHIFTEO, notes: “By joining forces with AOE we give airlines freedom to move from the current limited choice of suppliers, often with their own proprietary technologies, which has led to a strongly disconnected customer experience based on route, destination and contractual agreements rather than the customer’s needs.

“Airlines now have unlimited freedom to select their preferred catering and duty-free partners across a fully vertically-integrated solution across the entire process.”

“With sustainability the second-biggest priority on airlines’ minds after recovery, this model also has the potential to create immense savings in food waste, stock management, inefficiencies, last-mile delivery, fuel cost and theft/fraud.

“Transforming just 20% of buy-on-board to e-commerce and 10% of passengers to pre-order their meals could result in savings of hundreds of millions of dollars per year across the airline ecosystem.”

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