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Airport СdevastatedТ by RyanairТs decision to close its Cork base this winter

Cork AirportТs managing director, Niall MacCarthy, has admitted that RyanairТs decision to close its base at the airport this winter is a major blow for the Irish gateway.

УThe team here at Cork Airport is really devastated to hear of RyanairТs decision to close its base at Cork with the loss of so many direct and indirect jobs and the cessation of thirteen routes,Ф said MacCarthy in a statement released this morning.

УWe have done everything in our power at Cork Airport to retain the base here and the connectivity that it delivers for the South of Ireland region. However, since the pandemic, many Ryanair flights to and from Cork have been operating with fewer than ten passengers.

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УThe Irish aviation sector has been decimated by COVID-19 and the country needs to get to a position where we have the appropriate travel policies in place to enable Ireland to co-exist with the virus whilst safely re-opening our vital air connectivity.

УCork Airport was IrelandТs fastest-growing airport before COVID-19 and we are now looking at a 95% plus reduction in traffic levels for this coming winter compared to last year.

УDespite the base closure, Ryanair will still retain three routes serving Cork over the winter Ц Stansted, Katowice and Gdansk. However, these routes will be operated by aircraft and staff based outside of Ireland. Ryanair has had a base at Cork Airport since 2005, and this winter will be the first time in fifteen years that the airline has not had any aircraft based in Cork.

УWith the appropriate financial supports and travel policies from Government, we will work tirelessly to secure the return of the Ryanair base at Cork ahead of next summer, when hopefully, the airline will be in a position to replace lost services.

УIn addition to those three Ryanair routes, Cork Airport will also have a service to Amsterdam with KLM this winter and Aer Lingus will operate services to Heathrow and Amsterdam.

УThe continuity of all or any of these services cannot be taken for granted and we will continue to work with the government and our airline customers to retain this hard-won connectivity as best we can this winterФ.

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