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Tulsa’s new-look Schwab Hall opens for business

Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma’s gateway to the world, today unveiled its newly renovated Schwab Hall.

Construction on Schwab Hall, the area adjacent to the security checkpoint and rental car counters, began in December 2019 and took nearly eleven months to complete.

The project relocated walls, art installations, and utility infrastructure in order to provide an open line of sight from the kerbside entrance of Schwab Hall all the way out to the airfield.

“This is an exciting day for our passengers and employees,” said Alexis Higgins, CEO of Tulsa International Airport. “You can’t help but admire the dramatic change that has occurred to our front door.

“Our entryway now reflects the vibrancy and ingenuity of our city while making our airport more efficient and user friendly.”

Tulsa mayor, GT Bynum, said: “I want to commend the Tulsa International Airport for their continued work to enhance the airport experience for travellers all while creating a safe environment. I also want to thank Tulsa Airport CEO Alexis Higgins for her tremendous leadership to see this project through.”

Highlights of the USD 7.5 million project include:

• A 170ft linear skylight that extends from the entrance of Schwab Hall to the security checkpoint and replicates the design in the concourses, providing natural light and a modern look

• A vestibule entrance designed to decrease the loss of conditioned air while providing a grand entrance to Schwab Hall

• A 15ft diameter compass rose providing navigational insight to travellers as they begin their journey

• An upgraded heating and ventilation system that increases operational efficiency for the airport’s 500,000 square foot facility

• A new roof over Schwab Hall

Schwab Hall is named after PFC Albert E Schwab, a US Marine who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the Battle of Okinawa.

The project was designed by TODD Architecture Group and construction completed by Manhattan Construction Co.

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