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Rex suspends its entire Boeing 737 fleet

Regional Express, better known as Rex Airlines, have temporarily suspended their Boeing 737-800 flights and retracted some of their turboprop flights. 

The decision is due to the recently introduced domestic border closures and city lockdowns by the Australian government, which has crippled the domestic airline industry. The restrictions have ensured reduced passenger numbers and traveling connections, negatively affecting cash flow of airlines.  

“Domestic and Regional routes on Rex’s network in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania will be either temporarily suspended or greatly reduced until the end of the State Government imposed border closures and/or lockdowns,” the airline wrote in a statement.

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Rex was flying on three of the five busiest domestic airline routes in May 2021. Before the grounding, it operated 39 Saab 340s and six Boeing 737-800s. 

Established in 2002, the airline initially focused on their turboprop fleet, which helped them link the rural areas to the urban cities in Australia but later progressed to including jet services on prime trunk routes.

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