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British Airways A380 suffers cabin water leakage mid-flight

Passengers of British Airways flight BA 293 witnessed a different kind of in-flight experience on the A380 on June 10, 2022.

As the flight took off from London Heathrow (LHR) to Washington DC, the A380 aircraft, registered G-XLEK, encountered a water leak coming from the clean drinking water container.

Video footage shows water flowing from the upper deck first class seats to the business class cabin in the lower deck, cascading down the aircraft stairs. Cabin crew attempted to minimize the water damage by placing blankets, towels, and pillowcases in various parts of the cabin.

 VIDEO - Water POURS into cabin of British Airways plane at 30,000 feet,Airbus A380 ,Heathrow

Despite the waterworks, the flight managed to land safely in Washington without any diversions or delay.

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A British Airways representative told AeroTime that there were no safety issues at any point, and that the faulty valve was replaced upon landing.

Источник информации: AeroTime

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