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Israel To Start Regular Direct Flights With Nigeria

A direct flight from Israel to Nigeria has been announced.

An announcement has been made that Israel and Nigeria will soon be connected by a regular flight service. The announcement was made by Israel's Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov during a meeting in Jerusalem with the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission, Dr. Yakubu Pam. The route is intended to provide direct service for Christians in Nigeria to visit religious sites in Jerusalem.

A pilgrimage

During a trip to Israel, The Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission, DR. Yakubu Pam met with the Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Ravozov. During the meeting, Razvozov announced that there will soon be a regular non-stop flight connecting both Israel and Nigeria.

The meeting was centered around the mutual benefit that will come to both parties with the opening of this new route. No specific airline has been declared to operate this route, but it was decided that the service will be provided by a Nigerian airline. Ravozov stated that the Nigerian populous consists of roughly 50 percent Christian individuals.

The high Christian population is seen by Israel as a large number of pilgrims that it envisions traveling along this new route. Both parties see the route being backed by popular demand as Nigerian Christians are anticipated to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This will benefit Israel's tourism industry immensely as pilgrims regularly come to visit the holy sites in Israel.

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Route Selection

The exact route for this flight has yet to be determined, what is known is that the flight will be flown aboard a Nigerian Airline from Nigeria to Jerusalem and back. Ravozov made it known that the state is not yet sure whether to operate between Israel and Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, or Israel and Abuja, the northern capital of Nigeria.

Recently the two officials met twice in Israel to discuss this future route. Previously a charter flight service had been discussed. A charter would allow for a more flexible schedule based on demand. The original plan was that the charter flight would be able to better serve pilgrims because it could be specifically scheduled around holidays and lessen the time it takes for pilgrims to visit the holy sites of Israel.

It was only during this most recent meeting that the idea of a regular route was considered. Israel sees the potential for profits from consistent flights between the two countries. With a consistent flight schedule, pilgrims will be able to plan their trips to visit the holy sites freely without needing to tailor a trip around a specific flight.

Additionally, Israel envisions that not only will pilgrims come to visit Jerusalem, but that this route will serve as a vital connection in connecting the two countries from a business standpoint. By providing consistent flights for those wishing to do business between the two countries.

Looking ahead

Soon, a direct nonstop route will be flown between Israel and Nigeria. The route is intended to primarily service religious pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem to visit the holy sites there. The announcement of this route came during a meeting between the Israeli Tourism Minister and the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission's Executive Secretary.

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