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On-Time Performance In Focus: Air India’s New Chief Gets Down To Business

The road to success for Air India may be a long one, but its new CEO seems ready for the challenge.

Air India's new Chief Executive Officer, Campbell Wilson, is wasting no time getting the airline back on track as he begins tackling AI's issues one at a time. And, one of the first things on his mind is to get the carrier's on-time performance up to the mark and on par with acceptable international standards.

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"Report directly to me!"

Air India's new CEO, Campbell Wilson, may have gotten the Indian government's approval recently, but his observation of the airline's operations began as soon as he was appointed in June. Not happy with the carrier's sub-standard on-time performance (OTP), Wilson has chosen to get hands-on with the concerned department to get those numbers up.

In a recent communication, he asked the airline's integrated operations control center (IOCC) to report directly to him and give recommendations on improving the on-time performance.

Wilson feels that Air India's OTP leaves a lot to be desired and cannot be termed as world-class in its present form, saying that it's "not up to the mark," "simply not acceptable," and "certainly not to the world-class level to which we aspire and which our customers expect."

In his communication to the employees (accessed by the Press Trust of India), he said,

“IOCC is the nerve centre of an airline. It not only manages our network of flights 24X7, 365 days of the year, it plays a crucial role in driving our OTP.”

“So, I have decided that the IOCC located at Safdarjung will henceforth report directly to me. With my authority, they will be recommending some amendments to the ways we operate and will regularly update me on the status of implementation.”

In June, Air India's OTP at four airports – Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai – was at 83.1%, lower than other players in the country. In May, it was 81%.

Challenges before Wilson

Wilson can anticipate busy days ahead as there's a lot of fixing to be done at Air India. While the Tata Group has introduced some changes, Wilson is inheriting an airline that has largely been neglected for years.

According to people in the know, he is also busy making key management hiring decisions, keeping a close eye on daily losses, and fixing systems bogging down the airline.

The Economic Times quotes a person familiar with the matter as saying,

“He has been tasked to create a customer-centric and service-oriented culture. Currently, he will build a management team to take the plan forward.”

Of course, some of Air India's challenges are so unique that Wilson will likely take some time to get his bearings on the task at hand. As such, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran will be directly involved with him for a year to help get Wilson acclimatize to the challenges that face him.

Not all bad

But it's not all dark and gloomy at Air India. The Tatas, too, have been at work from day one, and some changes are already being observed.

The airline's load factor has improved to 80% from February to June this year, compared to 60% previously.

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The company is currently focused on hiring and building new talent and training processes, as well as investing in the latest IT infrastructure and modern fleet.

Here's hoping that Wilson can take it from here and build the successful airline that everyone now expects Air India to be.

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